Mountain Ranch Organically Grown, Gunsell Family Farm
Certified Organic, Pasture Raised, Air Chilled Chicken, Turkey & Beef

Mountain Ranch Organically Grown, a certified organic farm since 2001, is located in the small town of Mountain Ranch in the foothills of the Sierra's east of San Francisco. Owners/farmers Norman and Aimee Gunsell, initially market gardeners growing a range of vegetables and fruits, now raise and sell organic chicken, turkey and beef.

With today's challenge of obtaining healthy meat that utilizes all four of these practices—Certified Organic, Pasture-Raised, Air Chilled, and Authentic Family Farm—Mountain Ranch Organically Grown is committed to bringing their customers the best of all worlds. You can place your order with the Gunsell's directly, or look for them every other Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco (hosted by CUESA—Center for Urban Education on Sustainable Agriculture).

Thank you for being part of the sustainable food revolution by supporting farmers like Norman and Aimee who believe in the value of a close connection to their food source.

Please visit the Mountain Ranch Organically Grown Facebook page and Farm Now blog for current juicy tidbits.

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Certified organic pasture raised chicken

Pasture Raised

Mountain Ranch Organically Grown chickens, turkeys and beef spend the bulk of their days outside, roaming around the 60-acre farm eating grass, and for the birds, bugs and grubs. The Gunsell's have worked for years to build healthy soil on the farm and the pastures are never exposed to herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

Certified organic air chilled processed chicken

Authentic Family Farm

A three-person team, the Gunsell's and their son Ian are the hands-on operators of this farm, with occasional outside help. Rather than scale up in a way that would compromise their practices, the Gunsell's stay just big enough to continue to make a difference in the health and happiness of their community. From farm to market, the Gunsell's are there every step of the way.

Certified Organic

All animals raised on the farm are certified organic by CCOF. All the grain and hay used to feed the animals is non-GMO certified organic. They are never fed hormones or antibiotics.

Certified Organic Pasture Raised Turkey

Air Chilled

Processed chicken and turkey is hung up to chill in cold air (as opposed to being soaked in vats of chlorinated water with other birds). Not only does this make for more flavorful meat, it is also much safer to eat.

The Gunsell Family